All About Apples

We had an awesome week! Some highlights:

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), one of the read-aloud books last week was “Apples and Pumpkins,” a story that was chosen to help teach fine motor development and coordination, a Core Knowledge skill. Students also worked on several language arts projects toward this end. For example, the “Apples on the Tree Activity” allowed students to use their fingerprints to put apples on the tree. In the “Apple Collage” art project, they tore red construction paper into small pieces that they then pasted on an apple to create a collage.

To build strong readers, students listened to more fantastic stories and poems: “Apple Poem,” “Skippy John Jones in the Dog House,” “An Apple Book,” and “Ten Apples Up On Top” (see below).

In Science, students were welcomed with an amazing “Apple Center” in the classroom. There was a basket of apples sitting on hay waiting to be sold. A white board and dry erase marker gave students a chance to create their “apples for sale sign” or whatever they wanted to write on it. Play money, pencils, and a notepad were neatly arranged at the check-out station for students to take orders, count their money, and do dramatic play. They also had a blast with their “Apple Tasting” activity! Yummy!

In Math, students continued to explore Math tubs filled with Math manipulatives. Students worked on Math activities based on a story called the “Math Big Book for Fall.” In Number Formation, they worked on numbers 5 to 10. Students independently practiced writing numbers on individual white boards without tracing. Math Word Problems were worked on in class. Students also used cubes in creating a graph to see how many people liked which particular apple during the “Apple Tasting” activity.

In particular, students had an amazing time working on their “Ten Apples Up on Top” activity that was personalized by Mrs. Kuchler for each child! Each student had their individual picture of their hands on their head pasted on their own card stock. Ten tiny red apples were given to each student to paste on top of each other. The student had to write numbers 1 to 10 in correct order from bottom to top. Students loved this remarkable activity! Thank you to the volunteer moms in the classroom who helped out!

Pre-K Reading Log: “Buddy the Bookworm”

Mrs. Kuchler started her Pre-K Reading Log! “Buddy the Bookworm” is now the official classroom reading mascot. You are encouraged to read with your child for 20 minutes each day. Each time your child is able to read for a total of 20 minutes, your child shades in a circle on Buddy. If you do not have a full 20 minutes of reading in one sitting, your child can color only a portion of the circle until the full 20 minutes is completed. When your child’s reading log is complete, send it back to school, and your child will bring home a new one.

Pre-K Homework: Due every Friday

A homework envelope was sent home last week. Each student needs to to draw or cut out from magazines 4 or more pictures that begin with the sound of the Letter C. Under each picture, ask your child to write the word describing the picture using his or her own spelling. Homework tip: Parents can help show the words for your child to copy. It is also encouraged to allow your child to try to write the word on his/her own without correcting his/her mistakes. The goal of this homework is to reinforce reading, writing, responsibility and cutting skills.

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