“Duck, Duck, Goose!”

“Apples,” was the Meadows school theme for the fourth week of school for all levels. The early preschoolers are growing so well in the area of Social Skills and Autonomy, one of the most important learning domains in the Core Knowledge Curriculum. The children have gained greater confidence in coming to school. This past week for example, when they entered the classroom they were “more relaxed” and showed eagerness in starting the day.

Students learned a simple childhood game called, “Duck, Duck, Goose!” in which a child goes around a circle patting each child while repeatedly saying “duck, duck, duck, goose!” The child who gets tapped “goose” then runs after the one who picked him or her. At this point, though, the early preschoolers are able to sit through and wait to be picked but then all hell breaks loose when they hear “goose”. For now, they follow their own rules: everybody stands up and chases whomever they want to run after.  We’re getting there!

In Language Arts, the letter of the week was Letter D. Students listened to the stories, “Danny and the Dinosaur,” and “Dib and Dab.” They also made a fun Dinosaur Craft! The early preschoolers loved the songs, “Little Baby Dinosaur” and Five Little Ducks.” Be sure to ask them about it at home and, if you’re feeling lucky, implore them to sing either one of them to you. We’re excited to know how it goes!

In Math and Science, we learned about the color RED. We reviewed numbers 1 to 5. Students pasted a yellow Mama Duck on construction paper together with 5 little ducklings while counting up to 5. Students also did an “Apples in the Basket” activity. Each basket was labeled from 1 to 5. Students pasted the correct number of apples in the corresponding basket (i.e., if a basket had the number 5 on it, the child would paste 5 apples in that basket).

At Home: Please review Letters A, B, C, and D and their sounds. Next week we are doing the letter E. Play counting games with your child. Get a basket at home and ask your child to fill the basket with 1 object, or 2 objects, all the way up to 5. It’s a great interactive game that helps your child with his/her counting skills. If your child can put the correct number of objects in a basket through a game, it’s a great way to promote greater math fluency and reinforce what we’re doing in school.

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