Grumpy Bear, Goldilocks, and Three Bears

We made good progress last week across several Core Knowledge learning domains!

In Language Arts, students learned about the Uppercase C and Lowercase c. They also learned the beginning sound of C. For arts and crafts, students glued black crawling cats on the Letter C. We also read several stories around C. One of these stories was “Letter C Story” by Moncure. On Friday, students used the colors red, yellow, orange, and green to paint a picture of a “Crazy Cat” which they will be putting on the classroom bulletin board.

Nursery Rhymes and Poems are such an important part of language development for all children. Core Knowledge recommends a list of rhymes, poems, and songs to teach preschoolers. On Monday, we read the Core Knowledge book “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” This story was followed by the story of Goldilocks on a flannel board on Tuesday. Last week, preschoolers read “Leaves Are Falling,” “I’m A Lil’ Firefighter,” and “The Firefighter.”

In Writing, the students practiced writing Letters A, B, and C. For the Virtue of the Month, students listened to a story called the “Grumpy Bear.”  This story helped the children learn more about feelings and the importance of being nice and kind.

In Math, students continued learning about basic shapes. During Center Time, they worked on the “Lining Up Activity” where each student had to line-up objects in a row from left to right.

At Home: Review Letters A, B, and C. Talk about words that start with A, B, and C. To review and listen the sound of A, B, C, go to the Starfall website. Ask your child about “Goldilocks and The Three Bears.” Feel free to borrow this book from the library to help your child recall the story and relate to you the sequence of events. Next week, students will be learning about the Letter D.

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