Learning by Doing

The Core Knowledge Program encourages parents to use real-life pictures in explaining concepts on how things work in our environment. So in Language Arts (Listening and Learning) last week, students listened to many stories about apples from selected, beautiful real-life picture storybooks such as “Farm to Market: Apples” and “Life Cycles: Apples”.

After listening to the storybook on “Life Cycles: Apples,” students had so much fun working on their “Apple Life Cycle” project. The goal of this activity was to sequence the life cycle of an apple tree through the seasons. They creatively used cotton balls for snow, tissue paper for trunks and flowers, and red beads. You can see their lovely artwork in the hallway.

During Reading the Writing Workshop, students worked on the “AN” word family house for Word Work (a time in their day to build their knowledge on sight words and specific words). Students wrote words that ended with “an.” Some examples are: fan, can, pan, ran, and man. They also learned new sight words with the help of magnets and read apple words with magnets. Students played the “Apple Letter Match Up Game” to help them match uppercase letters with lowercase letters.

Fine motor skills were developed during an awesome “Gel Writing Activity” with flash cards. Students traced a specific letter on the flashcard in a ziplock filled with gel. It was a gooey fun thing to do! Students continued working on their Zaner-Bloser Writing workbooks, practiced writing sight words on “Trace-Write-Trace” worksheets, and did “Rainbow Writing” worksheets.

In Math, the students did a fun “Apples and Baskets” counting activity, worked on “Ten Red Apples” Math Word Problems, and did Pattern Cards.

In Science, the students played an outstanding Pollination Game! They learned how butterflies and bees help to transport pollen from one flower to another while sipping nectar. The students used “proboscis tongues” (aka straws) to drink “nectar” (aka juice box) from flowers and picked up pollen (aka pom-poms). Then they went to another flower to drink “nectar” and left the pollen there. After the game, the children explained to Mrs. Toth how flowers turn into fruit through the process of pollination by butterflies, birds, and bees.

See you next week!

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