Gorgeous Day for a Field Trip

It was a gorgeous and sunny day for a field trip indeed!

We held Science Discovery day at the Jacquemin Farms last Friday and we had an awesome time! Thank you to all the parents who participated and helped make the event a fun family day!

The educational talk on “How Pumpkins Grow” was very entertaining. We learned new names of different kinds of pumpkins: Spider Pumpkin, Cinderella Pumpkin, Cotton Candy Pumpkin, Big Warty Thing Pumpkin, and more! After the talk, students walked to the pumpkin patch farm and chose their very own small pumpkin from the field. Two ladies were there to assist and cut the pumpkins off the vine for everyone. We then walked back the barn to pick out a gourd and enjoyed some old-fashioned sugar donuts and apple juice under the barn! The students also had a chance to do free play at the corn box and the hay maze. Everyone came home with a Farm Coloring Book and a big smile on their face!

For some pictures from the event, follow Meadows Academy on Flickr.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.