When I grow up …

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), students are progressing really well in reading books on their own from their book boxes. They continue to use the Literacy Tubs during their Free Choice Time.  To reinforce the Virtue of the Month, “Integrity,” students reviewed their Class Promise and talked about the importance of developing the “habit of honesty and being good students.”

The Pre-K students listened to a fantastic read-aloud, “When I Grow Up.” After listening to the story, students were challenged to “think independently” and “reflect deeply” on what they want to be when they grow up. After much reflection, Mrs. Kuchler gave the students the opportunity to crystallize their thoughts by drawing a picture of what they wanted to be when they become adults.

Mrs. Kuchler met with each individual student to draw out and listen to their thoughts about who they wanted to become. After listening, she captured the brilliant ideas and what each student shared into words! This whole meaningful process encourages your child to grow intellectually and communicate ideas effectively! Amazing! Key lesson for parents: remember to listen to your child and look at them when they are talking to you. Stop and think: are you truly listening?

A Core Knowledge Nursery Rhyme that students learned this week was “Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater.” Students also listened to more read-alouds like “My Brown Bear Barney,” “Alphabet Farm,” and “Mrs. Wishy Washy.”

In Math, students continued exploring Math Tubs. They worked on Math Word Problems, Matching Dots with Numbers, Sorting gourds and pumpkins, and Counting up to 100.

In Dramatic Play, students enjoyed a wonderful “Pumpkin Center” in the corner of the Pre-K classroom. It is decoratively set up for your child to enjoy playing with hands-on things that will help him or her learn about pumpkins, the season of Fall, and play cooperatively with others.

In Writing, students listened to the read-aloud, “My A Book.” The students brainstormed on words that start with the Letter A. Mrs. Kuchler introduced the formation of the Letter “a” and “A.” After the lesson was introduced, the students got their writing journals to practice their letter formation independently.

In Science, students listened to the story, “Mouse Paint.” The children were invited to make connections from the story to their Science experiment. Admire your child’s beautiful work which can be seen outside the Pre-K classroom.

At home: Your child’s Book of Poems and Songs were sent home last Friday. Please take the time to read the poems in this book together with your child. Remember the Buddy the Bookworm reading log that Mrs. Kuchler sent home. Try to read together with your child and shade each circle of “Buddy the Bookworm” when you have reached 20 minutes.

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