Families Have Together

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), students listened to the following stories that focused on the Family: “My Redheaded Brother,” “All the Way to America,” and “Grandma’s Wedding Album.”

The Virtue of the Month character education story was “Families Have Together” by Harriet Ziefert. This story beautifully talks about the many wonderful things families do together like holding hands, getting squeezes from grandmas to having family trips. The moral of the story is to appreciate the gift of family and to cherish every memory we spend with our family members. It is because of our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters that we are able to grow in Christian character, learn the habits of honesty and integrity, and become good citizens who will learn how to serve others in need. Charity begins at home.

To build strong readers, Mrs. Toth prepared a specific lesson after reading each story throughout the week. When the students listened to “My Redheaded Brother,” for example, students talked about their family members at home. They also made a graph of family members at home.

The story on “All the Way to America,” gave students the opportunity to meaningfully create a class book together on their “Family Traditions.” Students had a fun time creating “Family Shields.” Each student created and decorated a beautiful artwork to show the things, events, and activities that are important to the child and his or her family. It was a great way to understand your child’s feelings and perceptions on what he or she recalls as important family activities in his or her own eyes.

Reading and Writing Workshop Activities: Fine motor skills were developed while practicing letter formation on Phonics worksheets. Students continued working on their Zaner-Bloser Writing workbooks, practiced writing new sight words, family words on “Trace-Write-Trace” worksheets, and did more “Rainbow Writing” worksheets.

In Math, students continued to work on their individual Math workbooks. We also played Candy Land. This game helped students practice their counting skills, take turns, and learn sportsmanship! We had so much fun that students asked to play the game everyday!

At home: Students took home their family drawings and for homework, parents are asked to help their child embellish their family drawing with actual family pictures and mementos. Please return this page on Monday, October 14.

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