Farmers Grow Pumpkins!

“Farmers Grow Pumpkins” was the Meadows school theme for the third week of school in October for all levels. It was an exciting week filled with carving pumpkins, touching gooey stuff inside the pumpkin, counting pumpkin seeds, and thanking God for making pumpkins! Students also explored the garden in the meadow outside the school and were thrilled to discover 6 huge orange pumpkins!

In Language Arts, the early preschoolers learned about the Letter G and worked on Letter G alphabet activities. Students listened to “My G Sound Box” by Jane Belk Moncure. Each book in the Sound Box series features an interesting character that represents a letter sound, and a creative story that focuses on that sound. Early preschoolers also enjoyed the read-aloud, “Gosie.” Next week, we are learning the Letter H.

At the beginning of each week, students are introduced to the Letter of the Week with the Magic Alphabet Bag. Mrs. Coltharp created for each child 26 Magic Alphabet Bags filled with real-life objects that were carefully chosen to represent the Letter of the Week and the Sound of the Week for the entire alphabet– from A to Z. So what did students magically discover inside the “G” Magic Alphabet Bag this week? Are you ready? Garden gloves, golf ball, a game (i.e., pack of Crazy Eight), glue stick, gumballs, G stamp, G flashcard, and a G block. Seeing and touching these objects helped the early preschoolers have a deeper understanding, background knowledge, and familiarity of the “Language of Instruction” (vocabulary words) they were taught this week.

Early Preschoolers also enjoyed fun and exciting Letter G crafts such as pasting “Green Glitter on Letter G,” “Popsicle Stick Goat,” “Painting Gosie,” and “Paper Plate Gorilla.”

We also read nursery rhymes and stories including “Green” by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, “Head Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” “The Farmer and the Dell,” “The More We Get Together,” and “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” which is part of the Core Knowledge reading list for children at the preschool level.

After listening to the story on “G for Goldilocks,” teachers helped students learn about the members of the Bear Family: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear: “Who is Papa Bear?” “Who is Mama Bear?” “Who is Baby Bear?” To answer these questions, students were asked to point to the correct picture.  It was quite fascinating to observe how these very young children between 2 and 3 years of age actually understood the concept of family and identified themselves as the “Baby Bear” in the picture of the three bears.

In Science Discovery, students walked over to the Pre-K Class to see, touch, and discover how a carved pumpkin looks like! Early preschoolers also learned about “Bats” and painted a picture of 2 small bats with watercolor.

In Math and Fine Motor Development, students watched the nursery rhyme video on “Humpty Dumpty.” After learning the rhyme, they learned about the shape of an oval, the shape of the The Humpty Dumpy egg in the story. To develop their fine motor skills, students did a number of activities: traced an oval worksheet; used dot-a-dot paint on the lowercase g; and traced 3 lines from left to right while trying to connect a picture of a goat to the lowercase g!

The Virtue of the Month character education story that the early preschoolers listened to was “I’m A Good Friend (The Best Me I Can Be)” by David Parker and Christina Ong. This age-appropriate character education story is about being a friend, showing respect, and working together.

At Home:  Please review Letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G and their sounds. Review the shape of an oval. Talk about the color green. Point and name objects at home that start with the Letter G. Read the Scholastic magazine “My Big World” together with your child and talk about bats and discuss why they are nocturnal animals. There’s an activity you can do with your child on the back of the magazine. Borrow the read-aloud, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” from the local library. Read this story– or any story– aloud to your child at his/her  bedtime to help your child become passionate about reading.

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