Half a Heart Will Never Do

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning),  Pre-K students listened to an interesting read-aloud, “Apples and Pumpkins.” After listening to the story, students created their own “Pumpkin Book” with each student independently glueing their individual picture on their book. Mrs. Kuchler then met students individually and asked each of them to read their book to her. This process helps build your child’s confidence in reading aloud!

Students read the Core Knowledge nursery rhymes “Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater” and “Pumpkins on a Vine”, and learned several Lightning Words including: I, a, the, can. These words are on the classroom Word Wall. Practice reading and writing these words together with your child.

In Math, students worked on Patterns and Number 2, 3, 4, and 5 Formation. For example, students learned the chant “Half a heart will never do, slide to the right will make a two!” to write the number 2. Practice with your child at home writing the numbers they learned last week, and catch them chanting while writing! Students also worked on creating an AB Pattern and ABC Pattern. Some students had difficulty understanding these concepts so please work on them at home. For counting, students worked on a “Pumpkins on the Vine” worksheet.

In Dramatic Play, students continued to stack pumpkins on top of each other, played cooperatively with one another, and pretended to buy and sell pumpkins! This center is a great way for the children to play together with play money, a cash register, a pencil and pad paper to take orders, and sell pumpkins just like what they saw during the Jaquemin Farms field trip.

In Writing, students listened to the read-aloud, “My D Book.” Students brainstormed on words that start with the Letter D. Students were introduced to the formation of the Uppercase D and Lowercase d. After the lesson was introduced, students got their writing journals to practice their letter formation independently. They also had the opportunity to use the Literacy Tubs (these are the green tubs filled with magnetic letters and alphabet manipulatives) to continue building their reading skills.

In Science Discovery, students had so much fun carving a pumpkin together! They each took part in cleaning the pumpkin out and placed the seeds on their own paper. After they were done with their turns, they each counted their seeds and placed them in a cup.

In Poetry, students are doing such a fantastic job reading their poems and rhymes from their Poetry Book! This week, we read the “Pumpkins on the Vine” poem. The students then made a beautiful picture about the poem in their Poetry Book and read the poem aloud to their teacher. They also did their Color Poems: “Red,” “Yellow,” and “Orange.” These poems help students read color words by sight! As students chant the poem and point to the words in the poem, they are learning how to read and spell the color words at the same time.

The Virtue of the Month character education story was “The Little Red Hen.” This is an inspiring character education story that teaches your child to cooperate and help others in need. Read the Little Red to your child at home by following this link. Feel free to borrow this book from the local library. Spend quality time with your child as you read this story aloud him or her. This story encourages students to be helpful and cooperate with others in completing a task. Ask your child, “If someone asked for your help, will you keep your word and help them?” The moral of the story: Helping others and keeping our word shows integrity.

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