What’s in the bag?

“Community Helpers” was the Meadows school theme for the fourth week of October for all levels. The purpose of the theme was to introduce “community helpers” to preschoolers and help them understand the role doctors, firefighters, police officers, teachers, etc. play in the communities where we live. There is an app called “Community Helpers” by Tinytapps that teaches children about these individuals, what they do, and their importance in our daily lives.

In Language Arts, early preschoolers learned about the Letter H and worked on creative Letter H alphabet activities. We listened to read-aloud stories such as “Hop on Pop” by Dr. Seuss, “Honey Bear Make A Wish” and the “Letter H Book” by Moncure.

We talked about objects from the “Magical Alphabet Bag” to teach vocabulary words and pictures that begin with H. As each object was carefully removed from the bag, students were excited with anticipation about what was in store and came next! One by one, students watched the following letter H objects come out: a battery-operated heart with lights, 4 plastic toy horses, hair strands that were pink and yellow in color, a stuffed helicopter, a book about a hippopotamus, a blue hand clapper, and a soft hamburger toy. Next week, students will learn about the Letter I.

We had fun painting “Helen the Happy Hippo,” and creating a “Hummingbird.” Students were also given a plastic toy horse and asked to imagine that it was running in the mud and its hooves got all muddy! Each child then made their horse trot on a paper plate of brown paint (mud) to make hoof prints on the Letter H. Ask your child, “Do you remember painting with the horses?” If you have toy horse at home, point to the hoof and horseshoe.

Students learned some new nursery rhymes and poems last week including “Humpty Dumpty,” “The Farmer in the Dell,” and “Head Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”

In Math, we read a counting book called, “Hello Kitty 123.” Students learned how to recognize number 1 to 10, and worked on pasting 1 apple under the number 1 in their Math journal. In Science, students learned some fun facts about hummingbirds, such as:

  • They are the smallest bird in the world.
  • They do perch.
  • They have very weak feet and do not use them for transportation.
  • They fly forward, backward, shift sideways, and can stop in midair.
  • They can beat their wings 60 to 200 times per second.
  • They lap nectar with their tongues.

In JumpBunch
, we had fun with soccer! We wanted each student to experience the footwork essential in the sport. After the warm-ups and stretchbands, each child received a soft, inflatable soccer ball. They watched their JumpBunch coach who showed them how to do everything with their feet. Next we passed out bean bags and had the children toss them at their soccer balls. Finally, an Obstacle Course was set up and students were guided them through it. A wonderful day for eye/foot coordination and listening skills!

Consistent with the Virtue of the Month for October (Integrity), our word/phrase of the week was “Be Helpful.” Just like the community helpers, we talked about the need for each one to help out at home with simple chores like putting things in their right place, throwing trash away, and picking up our toys.

At home:  Please review Letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and their sounds. Sing the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” with your child.

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