The Amazing Little Red Hen

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), students started their day with the “Good Morning Song.” After the “Lucky Duck” was chosen, they reviewed the “Helper Chart,” “Calendar,” “Word Wall Words” and a “Poem.

In Math, students continued to work on activities connected to the “Little Red Hen.” Just like the Little Red Hen who ate the bread she baked, students got to eat wheat bread in class! Then they were asked whether they liked its taste or not, and their responses graphed to introduce the students to the concept of charting/graphing. Students also continued working on AB and ABC Patterns using Halloween shape rings by putting them in the right pattern. Last Thursday, students created another graph to chart their favorite character in the Little Red Hen story: cat, dog, pig.

In Writing, students listened to another read-aloud version of the “Little Red Hen” by Lucinda McQueen. Note the “The Little Red Hen” story we read is also Core Knowledge story. Then they wrote something about the story. We also  compared and contrasted between two versions of the Little Red Hen story (the other one we read was by Paul Galdone)!

And then in Dramatic Play, students were introduced to “The Bakery” Learning Center in the corner of the Pre-K Room. It was set-up with everything a baker would need: a kitchen set, a play table, a teacher-made child-size microwave/oven made from a recycled box with 3 drawers of baking utensils properly labeled with the baking items, a styrofoam wedding cake, plastic cupcakes of various colors, and a birthday cake with lots of colorful birthday candles! This particular corner of the classroom was filled with so much learning, excitement and fun: some students counted candles as they poked them into the styrofoam cake, another created an ABC pattern with the cupcakes of different colors, while others learned to play and work together as they “helped” other in the bakery! As they engaged in dramatic play at the center, students learned cooperative play, developed their fine motor skills, worked on their reading and math skills, and enhanced their social development.

In Science Discovery, students listened to the version of “The Little Red Hen” story by David Drotleff and, in conjuction with this read-aloud, they participated in a fun Yeast Science Experiment!

Students practiced writing the lowercase g using white boards and dry erase markers. We also brainstormed on different “g” words. In addition, students had fun doing “Rainbow Writing” with the upper case G and lower case g. They also wrote something that begins with G in their ABC writing books. Students also learned the Core Knowledge nursery rhyme “Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater.” In Visual Arts, students had so much fun painting a pumpkin!

Pre-K students listened to the Virtue of the Month read-aloud “Little Red Hen” by Brenda Parkes. We talked about the importance of working together as a group. In Kindergarten, students will be expected to work cooperatively with others. When you read this story to your child, talk about why it is important to work well with others. In addition to “Little Red Hen,” students also listened to the read-aloud “Hattie and the Fox.”

At home: Please take the time to read “Who Helped the Little Red Hen” book written by Mrs. Kuchler (and see the surprise conclusion at the end!). Spend time listening to your child read his/her Book of Poems. Remember your “Buddy the Bookworm” Homework Reading Log. Each time you and your child spend time reading for 20 minutes a session, you can shade one circle of Buddy. Parent tip: keep the reading log on your child’s bedroom wall or the kitchen refrigerator to remind you to shade Buddy after each reading session together.

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