Ghost Prints With Hands or Feet

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), the Pre-K students listened to a fun read aloud, “Dark, Dark Tale” to introduce the Visual Arts activity, “Ghost Prints with Hands or Feet.” Students made a white footprint or handprint on black construction paper to create a ghost. They independently wrote the word “BOO!” right next to the ghost print they created.

While talking about the season of Autumn and Halloween, students listened to an interesting read-aloud, “The Big Pumpkin.” Students were then asked to “retell” the story by acting out what they remembered and the sequence of events that took place. Students enjoyed learning the “Five Little Pumpkins” nursery rhyme. They also learned a poem on the color “Black.”

In Math, students made a graph on their favorite “Little Red Hen” book. They started to do simple addition. With the use of Halloween rings, students worked on simple addition problems. Last Wednesday, students came to school dressed in their Halloween costumes. They talked about their cool costumes and made a graph on, “What are you dressed as?” They had to differentiate and graph whether they were dressed as real or make-believe. It was quite an interesting discussion! This activity really allowed them to think and use their imagination!

In Dramatic Play, students continued to enjoy sensory playtime at the classroom Bakery!

In Writing, students listened to the read-aloud, “My Q Book” by Moncure. They brainstormed on words that start with the Letter Q. Mrs. Kuchler introduced the formation of the Letter “q” and “Q”. After the lesson was introduced, students got their writing journals to practice the letter Q formation.

In Science Discovery, students learned about bats! Each student spent individual time reading along the Scholastic booklet, “Is That a Bat?” with Mrs. Kuchler. It was an interesting story that allowed students to look at bats and their bodies.

At home: Read the Scholastic Let’s Find Out Weekly Reader, “Hello Autumn!” together with your child. Talk about the season of Autumn together with your child. Go on a nature walk together. Look for acorns. Notice the trees and the leaves changing. Notice how the pumpkins are ready for picking.

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