High Frequency Words

Teaching our students the right habits and attitudes everyday is so important. The Kindergarten and Accelerated class talked about classroom rules: Say please and thank you. Excuse me. Take turns. Share. Listen to the teacher. Please talk about these habits (virtues) with your child at home.

The Virtue of the Month character education story read aloud was “Tidy Titch” by Pat Hutchins. This enjoyable story is about how Tidy Titch offers to help his brother and sister tidy their rooms. The moral of the story: Keeping our bedroom clean is a good habit. Offering to help your brother or sister in tidying up their bedroom is a virtue.

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), students listened to the following read-alouds: “Talking Stick,” “Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf,” “Ella Sarah Gets Dressed,” and “Millie Moo.” They also had fun learning about nursery rhymes including “Five Little Pumpkins,” and “Spooky Rhymes and Riddles.” They enjoyed talking about autumn and Halloween.

Students learned the following high frequency words for the week:

Monday – in, is, you, that, it, be

Tuesday – in, is, you that, it, be

Wednesday – he, was, for, on, are this

Thursday – as, with, his, they, I, have

Friday – Sight Word Assessment

In Writing, students practiced copying sight words from the “word wall” into their writing journal each day. They enjoyed using dry erase markers to practice writing their alphabet on wipe off cards. Students will also continue to work on writing their addresses. They also practiced writing and reading simple sentences.

In Reading one-on-one with the teacher, Mrs. Libby spends personalized and individual time with each child to help him/her read. Each day this past week, the students spent significant one-on-one time reading together with Mrs. Libby the Alphabet A Book, Alphabet B Book, and Alphabet C Book.

In Math, students practiced writing numbers 1 – 20 at the start of the week. They also worked on Math puzzles. Students continued to practice writing numbers 1 – 30 for review last Friday.

In Science Discovery, students listened to the “Mille Moo” touch and feel book. Then they had a fun time playing the “Reach into the Bag” sensory game to touch different objects. This activity was followed up by a Five Senses worksheet. They also had fun creating and putting together a Turkey Craft puzzle together! Do take time to admire their artwork next time in the hallway!

In Visual Arts, students loved decorating their “Trick or Treat” brown paper bag for Halloween. They also colored cute little pumpkins!

At home: At the beginning of each week, Mrs. Libby will email the Kindergarten high frequency words for the week. Please review the list with your child.



We read the story of “Jonah and the Whale.” God told Jonah to go to Nineveh.  Jonah ran away and got on a boat.  God made a storm that caused the boat to almost sink.  Jonah admitted his mistake and the men threw him to the water.  A big whale swallowed Jonah. Three days later the whale spit him on the ground.  Jonah obeyed God and he went to Nineveh. What we learned from the story:

1. God is everywhere.  We can’t hide from Him.

2. When we disobey, there is consequence. Sometimes the consequence affects other people, so think before making a wrong choice.

3. God is love; He gives us a second chance.

4. Obedience is a way of showing love.  When we love our parents or teachers we will choose to obey them.

We sang “Even the Fish Obey Him”. We moved to the song “The Pumpkin Pokey”. We shook leaves on a blanket. We played bells while walking, hopping, swaying to the “Rhythm Song”. We moved in a circle, shaking hands high and low.

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