Hut, hut, hike!

The Season of Thanksgiving is such a beautiful time in autumn when we come together to thank God for all of our abundant blessings! Throughout the whole month of November, we have planned meaningful activities related to the theme of “Thanksgiving” as we continue to integrate the “Five Senses” and “Autumn” in our lessons for the coming weeks.

In Language Arts, the early preschoolers learned about the Letter J and worked on “interesting” Letter J alphabet activities. Using their “Five Senses,” the early preschoolers painted a “Jiggly Jellyfish” using watercolors. They learned the word “tentacle” while creating the Jellyfish.

The November Virtue of the Month is “Fortitude” and “Not Giving Up”. Students listened to the character education story “Jesus Loves Me,” a Baby Blessing Series Book. They also listened to “Jonah and the Whale.” The moral of the story was to obey God and not to give up when asked to do something.

Early Preschoolers also listened to the read-aloud “Letter J Book” by Moncure. The children discovered and touched Letter J objects that came out of the “Magic Alphabet Bag.” The Language of Instruction (terms) taught were jellyfish, jigsaw puzzle, jaguar, jacks, jump, jellybeans, jacket, and jet.

In Math, after listening to the Letter J Book, students carefully used their fine motor muscles to carefully place the correct number of jellybeans on the corresponding jellybean shape inside the Letter J.

The nursery rhymes and songs this week reinforced the  sound of the letter J: “Jack and Jill,” and “John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt.” To help students use their “Five Senses” we sang “If You’re Happy and You Know” the whole week.

In JumpBunch, early preschoolers were introduced the sport of football! This was a terrific week for eye/hand coordination and gross motor skills. The kids really enjoyed having their own soft, age-appropriate football. The goal was to have them learn the beginning steps of football by working with them on proper hold and throw. The JumpBunch coach demonstrated how to do this, and then each one took turns to throw, go and retrieve their footballs. Early preschoolers were also taught how to catch and even how to hike the ball! The session ended with bubbles to music and a cool down routine.

At home:  Please review Letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and their sounds. Recite the Jack and Jill poem to your child. Talk about the changing colors of the leaves in the fall.

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