Mrs. Wishy Washy

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), the Pre-K students listened the read aloud “Mrs. Wishy Washy” by Joy Cowley. This is a great addition to your home library! In the story, Mrs. Wishy Washy’s animals are dirty with mud. She gives them each a bath and students find out if they stay clean. Students also learned the opposites “dirty” and “clean.” After the story, the students learned more about the five senses while touching the pages of the book. We also read “My Five Senses” after which students made a list of things in a farm that can be touched. “Sense of Touch” activities were integrates across lessons throughout the week.

Students enjoyed learning the “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” nursery rhyme. In Poetry, students also learned the poem “White.”

In Math, we worked on counting 0 to 5 and backwards, Number 4 Combinations, using bear counters and addition problems. Students worked on a challenging math game using place mats. Each place mat had a random number from 1 – 50 on it. The children used small objects (yellow acorn counters) to match the number on the place mat with the correct number of acorn counters. This was a great Math sensory activity that developed counting skills, number recognition and mastery.

In Dramatic Play, students explored making a “lobster cake” and created their own “happy birthday cakes” in the Bakery. They also started labeling what kind of cake they made by writing a description of their cake and sticking it next to it.

In Writing, students listened to the read-aloud, “My L Book” by Moncure. The students brainstormed on words that start with the Letter L. They were introduced the formation of the Letter “L” and “l.” After the lesson was introduced, the students got their writing journals to practice  Letter L formation. They also worked on “Lucky Duck” writing. Students started to write sentences beginning with “I like…”, then they were asked to create a mental image by drawing a picture of what they liked.

In Science, students played the “Five Senses Game.” The game was a touch activity in which students touched a pencil, toy car, marker, and a spoon without looking, and then guessed what the object was.

At home: Encourage your child to continue and have fun working on “Lucky Duck” writing activities. For example, ask your child to write any sentence on what he/she likes. Then ask your child to create a drawing that describes the sentence. In Math, write a number on a piece of paper and ask your child to find the exact number of objects that represent the number. So if you wrote 20, ask your child to find 20 objects (e.g., crayons) on the paper. Please continue to read to your child every night and remember to fill out your “Buddy the Bookworm” reading log.

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