Sun Rays for Dark Winter Days

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), students listened to the read aloud, “Frederick” by Leo Lionni, a Caldecott-winning fable. While the other field mice work to gather grain and nuts for winter, Frederick sits on a sunny rock by himself. “I gather sun rays for the cold dark winter days,” he tells them. Another day he gathers “colors,” and then “words.” And when the food runs out, it is Frederick– the dreamer and poet– whose endless store of supplies warms the hearts of his fellow mice, and feeds their spirits during the darkest winter days.

In Social Studies, we “A Thanksgiving Feast” on page 33 from the book  “What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch. Students learned the significance of Thanksgiving and why we celebrate this season as a nation.

In Visual Arts, after listening to the story on “A Thanksgiving Feast” the students created a colorful Native American and Pilgrim Hat designed for a boy or a girl. They also created a Pilgrim Woman and Pilgrim Man Stick Puppet.

We continued and reinforced these high frequency words last week:
Monday – in, is, you, that, it, be
Tuesday – in, is, you that, it, be
Wednesday – he, was, for, on, are this
Thursday – as, with, his, they, I, have
Friday – Sight Word Assessment

In Writing, students practiced copying sight words from the “word wall” into their writing journal each day. They also started to work on writing sentences. Here are some sentence starters that students worked on:
I am…
I like…
I can…
I went…

In Reading, students continued to spend one-on-one time with their teacher. Last week, they read the Alphabet E Book and Alphabet F Book.

In Math, students worked on writing Numbers 1 – 30 using the correct formation. They had to fill in the correct numbers that were missing from 1 – 30 and say the missing number aloud.

In Science Discovery, students worked on a “Growing Show” activity. Students had to identify the pictures that shows a living thing growing bigger. They also discussed as a group “What We Need to Live” and learned about the “Life Cycle of a Chick”. Students also started a 2-week observation on a Science Experiment on oatmeal and potatoes in a jar.

At home: Continue to practice high frequency words at home. Work on writing sentences at home using the sentence starters “I like, I am, I can, I went.”

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