Concert at the Farm

On Mondays, students sit in a circle to share with everyone what they did over the past weekend. Once sharing is done, each student gets to write about their experience in their writing books. They then sit  down with the teacher to talk about what they wrote. When they are done writing or meeting with the teacher, they spend time working on their literacy tubs.

The Virtue of the Month (VOM) character education story for Pre-K students was “Determination” by Lucia Raatma. The book explains to students what determination means which include motivating yourself; practicing your skills; deciding to do good at whatever you choose to do; and persevering to help you accomplish your goals. The VOM activity focused on encouraging students to reflect on the blessings they are thankful for. Each child expressed what they are thankful and these were captured by their teacher on a turkey feather placed in the school hallway.

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), Pre-K students enjoyed listening to the read-aloud, “The Farm Concert” by Joy Cowley. The students then talked about the different sounds that animals make. After the lively discussion in class, they made a surprise visit to the Early Preschool class during which they mimicked the sounds of animals as Mrs. Kuchler read aloud the “The Farm Concert” story. The toddlers were so entertained by the performance, and what a great confidence building activity for the older students!

To continue growing into strong readers, Pre-K students also listened to 2 versions of the classic story “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” The first version was illustrated by Rick Brown while the second one was illustrated by Tracey English. The students then made their own “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” book to add to their individual collection of books inside their book boxes.

In Poems and Songs, students worked on the poem “GREEN” which goes like this:


I know how to spell green
Caterpillars are green
And grasshoppers, too.
I know how to spell green

Students highlighted the word “green” each time it appeared in the poem. They also made their own illustrations.

In Theme Study, students learned about sounds they hear all around. After they listened to the poem “Night Noises,” students made a list of sounds they heard in the poem.

In Writing, each student made a page for the class book called, “I can hear _______ book.” Another interesting read-aloud they listened to was “Too Much Noise” by Ann McGovern.

In Math, students reviewed the concept of Number 5 and they practiced writing 5 correctly. They worked on combinations of 5. They also worked on a “beans worksheet” to record the combinations of 5.

In Science Discovery, students read together as a group the Scholastic read-aloud book entitled “Turkey” and then worked on the back page of the booklet.


In JumpBunch, we played a wacky game called Chicken Toss! This game works beautifully to improve children’s throwing skills and eye/hand coordination, much like the sports of Basketball or Softball. Each student received a rubber chicken. First, we practiced tossing the rubber chicken under-handed, and then over-handed, into a hula-hoop. And then we partnered up and tossed the rubber chickens to each other! Variations were done, such as one-handed and two-handed tosses. We also played a fun game called Chicken Coop Races. The session ended with an Obstacle Course and the Closing Huddle, followed by a cool stamp on the hand!

At home: Read “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” to your child and talk about the different sounds each animal makes in the story. Whether you are in the mall, in the grocery store, or at a restaurant, take some time to ask your child about the different sounds he or she hears. Ask your child to identify where these sounds are coming from. This is a great opportunity to build background knowledge and awareness of their environment.

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