Giving Thanks for Blessings

We had a wonderful “Thanksgiving Feast” last Friday! The students had been anticipating the “feast” the entire week. One student came to school Friday saying, “I didn’t have much for breakfast since there’s a feast today!”

The celebration began with a reading of the book “Thanksgiving Is” by Gail Gibbons. The story gave the students background knowledge on what Thanksgiving is all about – a time to share with family and friends, a time to give thanks for all our blessings, a time to remember how the Pilgrims and Indians met. After the story, students made “Vests and Indian Hats”. At the second station, we read “Pilgrims of Plymouth” by Susan E. Goodman, a National Geographic picture book. The story began with the question, “Are you grateful to gobble up turkey on Thanksgiving?” The students saw real life pictures that helped them travel back in time to see how the pilgrims lived and celebrated their first thanksgiving. After the story, the students made pilgrim hats for boys and girls.

The students re-enacted the journey on the Mayflower to America, traveling from one classroom to the next by holding on to a “student/teacher made” cardboard mock-up of the Mayflower ship while imagining that they were traveling to America all dressed in their pilgrim hats! While on their journey, the students heard a narration of what the pilgrims did during the voyage. They were so engrossed that at one point one student wondered aloud, “Do we take the Mayflower to the bathroom?”

Thank you to all parents for bringing the fresh fruit, turkey deli, homemade sandwiches, cookies, cheese sticks, pumpkin muffins, juice boxes, fish crackers, dinner rolls, vegetable tray, and more! It was truly fun and memorable!

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