What’s Missing

In Language Arts, students listened to the read-aloud “The Letter K Book” by Moncure. After the story, students were taught to recognize the uppercase “K” and lowercase “k”. They also learned the beginning sound of K. The alphabet activities this past week were pasting kites on a Letter K collage. Language of Instruction (terms/vocabulary) words we used were kite, kettle, kangaroo, koala, kitten, and kiss. Next week, students will learn about the Letter L.

In Visual Arts, students colored a Mama Kangaroo with a slit just for the Baby Kangaroo on a popsicle stick. Every time the Baby Kangaroo hops up, he likes to say the sound of K!
In Nursery Rhymes and Poems, students learned “Hello Mr. Turkey,” “Five Turkeys,” and “Little Bo Peep.”

In Writing, students continued to practice writing the uppercase “K” and the lowercase “k” on white board strips with dry erase markers.

The Core Knowledge Learning Centers for the week focused on the following skills: arranging pictures in a sequence, identifying and describing using the 5 senses, identifying basic shapes, and matching objects with a collection. We also played the “What’s Missing?” game. To play, students sat in a circle while their teacher placed several objects in the middle, pointing to each object and identifying it by name. The students then closed their eyes as the teacher took one object away (and then 2, then 3) and asked the students, “Who can guess what’s missing?”

In Math, we worked on their Number 8 Book. Students practiced writing numbers 7 and 8. Students also counted 8 shapes on the easel board.

In Social Skills and Autonomy, students continued to work on “following directions” in the classroom. They are making progress as they practiced lining up to go to the bathroom and sitting quietly during circle time while listening to a story.

At home: Review Letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K. Review the days of the week with your child. Talk about words that begin with the Letter K.

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