Henny Penny

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), students listened to 2 versions of the read aloud “Henny Penny.” The first version they read was by Paul Galdone and the other version was by H. Werner Zimmerman. The students compared the two versions and graphed which story they liked the best. They also worked on making rhyming names.

In Poems and Songs, students worked on the poem “The Turkey.” They highlighted the words gobble, is, and the.

In Theme Study, students worked on their “T Book.” Students practiced writing their Letter T and created drawings that started with the Letter T. When finished, they showed their work individually to the teacher so she could write down their reflections during the activity. They also listened to the read aloud “My T Book” by Moncure. Students then made a list of words that began with the Letter T.

In Independent Writing, students worked on their ABC Writing Books for the Letter T. During “Independent Writing,” students are encouraged to express their thoughts through writing completely by themselves without the help of the teacher. The goal of “independent writing” is to allow each student the opportunity to think for himself/herself. This process gives the student the chance to write down what he or she knows without being told how to do it correctly beforehand. It also enables the teacher to “assess” and “discover” where the student is at so opportunities in reading and writing skills are identified and consequently addressed.

In Math, students reviewed the number 5 and practiced writing 5 correctly. They worked on addition and subtraction problems as well.  We played a Math Game called “Race to the Top.” Students rolled a dice and recorded the number they got on a worksheet.

In Science Discovery, students listened the Scholastic read-aloud “Turkey” together as a group and then worked on the back page of the booklet.

At home: Please practice reading the sight words “is” and “the.”

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