The Lonely Scarecrow

In Language Arts (Listening and Learning), students listened to the read aloud, “The Lonely Scarecrow” by Tim Preston. This is a wonderful story about how a scarecrow wants to make friends with animals he sees playing. The animals are scared of the scarecrow because of the way he looks. During the winter, when the scarecrow is covered with snow, the animals come to play on the snowman which is really the scarecrow. The scarecrow is happy to have the company of the little animals. When the snow melts, the animals discover that the scarecrow is the same snowman they have been playing with all along and no longer run away. After the story, the students talked about the importance of friendship.

Words/vocabulary students learned last week based on story of “The Lonely Scarecrow” included cornflowers, flapping coat, beady eyes, swaying wheat, lark, marooned, combine monster, harvest, churning jaws, ravaged, stubble, sly breeze, nestle in the folds.

In Reading to Self, the students started to individually read and listen to books online, record themselves while reading, and have access to several eBooks via Raz-Kids. After reading to themselves, they take a quiz to check for comprehension. In Reading with Someone, students spent individual time reading “My K Book” with their teacher.

In Word Work, students continued to practice reading and writing these high frequency words 3 times: he, and, she.

In Writing, students worked on writing descriptive sentences such as “I live in_______.” They also practiced writing sentences using Phonics worksheets focusing on a specific letter and sound. For example:

I can jump 3 times. I did it.
The mean monsters drink milk.
Kangaroos can kiss.
The lions love lollipops.

In Social Studies, students listened to a story on how the Pilgrims made friends with an Indian called Squanto. When Spring came, Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn, how to fish, and where to hunt. Without the knowledge Squanto gave them, the Pilgrims might have not survived. After the story, students made a “Pilgrim Booklet” called “Who Were the Pilgrims?” and colored it.

In Visual Arts, students created and colored a Pilgrim Boy and Girl Puzzle and pieced it together on bright construction paper.

In Math, students matched the number word with the number. They worked on addition problems too.

In Science Discovery, students worked on a “Color Wheel and Mixing Colors” experiment. They mixed red and blue; yellow and blue; and other combinations. They used q-tips to paint pictures using the new colors they created through the mixing colors activity.  They also continued to learn about the “Five Senses.” They listened to the read-alouds, “How Do We Taste and Smell?” by Carol Ballard and “The Sense of Smell” by Mari Schuh.

At home: Spend 10-20 minutes with your child daily in reading the eBooks on Raz-Kids. Use your child’s password to access his/her account that was emailed to you. Refer to the email for specific directions on logging in as a student or as a parent. Borrow “The Lonely Scarecrow” by Tim Preston from the local library and read it together with your child.

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