The Giving Tree

“The Christmas Season” is the joyful theme for the month of December. Last week, we talked about “Advent” which is the period of preparation for Christmas that begins four Sundays leading up to December 25.

The Virtue of the Month is Generosity. Students listened to “The Giving Tree” talk by Mrs. Etchison to teach and encourage the virtue of generosity in students by bringing canned goods to school for those in need.

There is a decorated “Giving Tree” hanging on the wall of the Meadows hallway. For the next three weeks of December, students can place their food contributions in the basket under the “Giving Tree.” When your child brings an item to school, he or she can hang a paper ornament on the “Giving Tree.” At the end of this school project on December 20, we will be donating all food contributions to the Dublin Food Pantry.

Meadows students also listened to the read-aloud The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. This character education story is about how the beautiful rainbow fish learned how to give away his most prized possession– his shiny scales– to other fish who wanted to be his friend.

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