Giving Feels Good

“Giving” during the season of Christmas was the school theme last week. Moms and dads this past week showed the children what it means to be generous by example. In the school hallway, one mom quietly whispered in her daughter’s ear why they were bringing food to school. A dad showed his 2-year old son where to place the canned goods they donated. Thank you to all parents for helping us demonstrate to students the virtue of generosity through “guided practice.”

Last week, students listened to a talk on Advent and learned about the Advent Wreath and what it symbolizes. For example, they learned that each of the candles represents the four Sundays before Christmas. The circle, on the other hand, symbolizes the love of God for us which knows no bounds. Finally, the evergreens signify the persistence of life in the middle of a cold, harsh winter. Each candle is lit on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas.


Students also learned the poem, “Giving Feels Good,” and it goes like this:

Giving Feels Good
by Pamela Chanko

If you want to give a present
on a special holiday,
You don’t need any money—
This one’s free to give away!
It isn’t wrapped in paper,
and it always fits just right!
You wrap your arms around someone,
And hug that person tight!

In what other ways can we demonstrate the joy of sharing and giving to our children, especially during the Christmas season?


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