Stop and Think!

Early preschoolers had so much fun creating Christmas crafts and ornaments last week! They made a Santa hat, a reindeer ornament out of popsicle sticks, a red paper ornament with Christmas stickers, and beautiful water color creations!

In Language Arts, students continued to learn more about the Letter M. They created a Mouse Craft with whiskers, googly eyes and pink ears. During story time, they listened to several read-alouds including “Baby’s First Nativity,” “Mouse Learns Her Manners,” and“Big Bear, Little Bear” by David Bedford.

We also worked on the “Stop and Think Approach” to guide students in making good choices. Below is the Core Knowledge 5-Step Stop and Think Approach to practice with your child:

Step 1. Say “Stop and Think.” Use the stop sign when you say, “Stop!” Point to your head when you say, “Think.”

Step 2. Ask “Are you making a good choice or a bad choice?

Step 3. Follow up with “What are your choices?” Give your child a chance to reflect on the right choice.

Step 4. Tell your child “Just do it.” Encourage your child to do the right thing.

Step 5. Praise with “Give yourself a pat on the back!” Each time your child makes a good choice, tell them to pat themselves on the back.


In JumpBunch, we played with beach balls with the goal of getting the students to hit them up in the air just like volleyball. In addition to the beach balls, students played with GeoShapes used as an obstacle course. After the usual opening huddle, everyone had a chance to crawl through the obstacle course. Then we passed out the beach balls and encouraged students to kick and push the balls through the shapes. We also lined up the shapes to form a “net” and worked on getting students to toss the balls over it. Bubbles and our closing huddle ended the day. The session was devoted to working on students’ eye/hand coordination and gross motor skills.

At home: In the Early Preschool classroom, we talked about making good and bad choices after listening to the character education story “Mouse Learns Her Manners.” Please reinforce the words “Please” and “When you’re done, can I have a turn” to teach your child how to share.

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