Gingerbread Boy Mystery

It was an exciting time for the pre-kindergartners as they worked in Santa’s Workshop! Students wore elf hats as they used hammers to pound away on a styrofoam board. They were busy wrapping Christmas presents and took time to decide whether to write down their names under the “nice” or “naughty” list.

Some great read-alouds students listened to last week were: “Gingerbread Man” by Gail Yerril, “The Little Cookie” by Margaret Hillert, “The Gingerbread Man” by Jim Aylesworth,“The Gingerbread Boy” by Harriet Ziefert, and Mercer Meyer’s “Little Christmas.”

Students thoroughly enjoyed the Gingerbread Boy baking activity! They baked the gingerbread man together and took turns learning about measurements. While the gingerbread boy was baking, students were made to believe that he jumped out of the oven and ran away! When Mrs. Kuchler opened the oven, she saw it empty and students were in awe and filled with curiosity! So they investigated and asked Coach Justin who said, “I saw him run out of the kitchen during JumpBunch while we played volleyball!” A second eye witness, Miss Nola, the office manager, confirmed this by saying, “The gingerbread boy ran away indeed!” After tirelessly searching, the students finally found the gingerbread boy hiding in their classroom!

As they prepared to eat what they baked, the pre-kindergartners were confronted with yet another problem/question from their teacher who asked, “There’s only one gingerbread man and there’s so many of us? What are we going to do?”

To this they replied, “Let’s share!” It’s a good thing they decided to practice the virtue of generosity. Even the other teachers got to have a delicious bite!


In JumpBunch, students played volleyball! The usual opening huddle was followed by Stretchbands, after which we set up the volleyball net. The height of the net was carefully adjusted to be appropriate for preschoolers and kindergartners. Then we let the fun begin! Using a beach ball, students were shown different volleyball skills by their coach such as a “dig” and a “set”. Once the game began, they worked on the proper way to volley the ball back and forth across the net. We finished the session with the Fitness Course and closing huddle. In addition to enhancing eye/hand coordination, volleyball helps improve depth perception and enhances gross motor skills. Ask your child about volleyball!

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