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Snowflake Day!

The Dino-Hearts talked a lot about snowflakes today on our Meadows Academy PJ day! First we talked about how each snowflake is “unique” like a fingerprint. We placed a fingerprint on our class rules and looked at the different pattens […]

Animal Fun!

It was wonderful to see everyone back today at school! Today we focused on learning about some of our animals that we are researching. After our calendar today we looked on the computer together as a group at the website: […]

Most and Fewest

We continued to work on independent writing. Students started by learning about the poem, “The Three Little Kittens” during Reading, and then independently wrote their thoughts on their writing journal. While doing a Theme Study on Winter, students listened to the poem, […]

Penguins and Polar Bears

We all had quite a busy and fun week last week! In Nursery Rhymes, preschoolers learned “Five Little Snowmen” and “Hey Diddle, Diddle.” During circle time, we talked about and described the weather and named the season. In Reading, students listened to […]

The Story of Flip and Flop

Early preschoolers listened to the story “Flip and Flop” by Dawn Apperley to help them grow in Social Skills and Autonomy. It is a lovely story about 2 penguins, Flip (a five-year-old) and Flop (a two-year-old). Flip does whatever Flop does. When Flip wants to play […]

Journal Monday!

The fabulous Dino-Hearts had a great Journal Monday today! We always start our afternoon with a “Hello Chain” and for Monday the topic is “What’s the News.” Every child has a chance to share some “news” with our class from […]

Snowman Bagel Day!

Snowman Bagel Day! Check out our Dino-Hearts Daily News below the pictures! 🙂 The Kindergarten Dino-Hearts enjoyed another “Let’s Cook!” day! The kids worked with me on Tuesday to plan what we wanted to make and what ingredients we needed. […]

The IPad Reading Station

A look at IPad Station: The small boxes each have a sound. The child writes down the letter or letter combination that makes that sound. Once they have done this with all three small boxes, they should have a word […]

Animals that Hibernate

Discussing Animals that Hibernate over Hot Chocolate! The Kindergarten Dino-Hearts spent the afternoon participating in our regular Wednesday schedule of “Hello Chain,” Calendar, Reading & Writing Workshop & Math. We added a learning time about animals that “hibernate” to continue […]

Tuesday, January 21st Dino-Hearts

DinoHearts Tuesday! Today we: Made a list of foods to buy for making “Snowman Bagels” on Friday! Made a list of Animals that live in the Winter. We discussed the three things animals will do in the Winter and discussed […]