Happy new year and welcome back!

“Snow and Ice” was our school theme the past week which also described the super-cold week! We could tell that students were excited to be back in school Wednesday after a long holiday break. Although it was a very short week, we had lots of fun lessons and activities!

In Language Arts, early preschoolers learned about the Letter N and the sound of N. Students listened to the “Letter N” story by Moncure and learned new words that started with N: nestnickelnightnightingale, and numbers. Students also created a Letter N Collage by painting a “night sky” and covered it with sparkly stars. Using paintbrushes, students painted a picture of a “nest” and “news.” We also had lots of fun painting a brown “nightingale” on a popsicle stick!

Preschoolers loved the story, “When Will It Snow?” by Kathryn White. They also learned new words that start with the Letter M. In Language Arts, students pasted pictures of a moon and mice on their Letter M Collage. In Math, they learned about the Number 11 and counted objects up to 11.

We welcome everyone back to school and look forward to a great year ahead!

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