Tuesday, January 21st Dino-Hearts

DinoHearts Tuesday!

Today we:

Made a list of foods to buy for making “Snowman Bagels” on Friday!

Made a list of Animals that live in the Winter. We discussed the three things animals will do in the Winter and discussed what these three things mean:

1. Hibernate

2. Migrate

3. Adapt

Children will choose an animal to research by the end of this week. We will be discussing different animals during after calendar time all week.

Reading & Writing Workshop: We had a lot to get in today! We each read with Mrs. Luers 1:1 and received individual homework that is due back on Friday. While work was assigned on an individual basis, as a class we discussed what three things you can do in reading to figure out a word. We are all working on doing these three steps independently. Some steps might be harder than others for different people. The steps to think about and discuss while your child is reading with you are:

1. Sound out the words (remember that vowels and some consonants like C make two sounds so try both and use what makes best sense!)

2. Look at the picture!!

3. Think while  you are reading: What makes sense here? (this can be done at every level and should start early!)

If you have any questions on homework, feel free to email me anytime! Thank you!

The reading stations this week are:

Ipad/Library: we have some reading apps that the kids enjoy.

Mrs. L/Book Box

Journals/Sequencing Puzzle

Make-A-Book Center/Build A Book

Note: Each station has two choices but the first is a “must do” station and the second is there if they finish the first.

In Math, we made a Math journal page. Typically we will do this on a Monday. After the children made a math journal page, they participated in Math stations.

We were busy Dino-Hearts today!

They did a great job and took really good care of each other too!

Thank you to Arjun and his family for the yummy fishes and Lemonade Juice boxes today! Very much appreciated by all!

Have a terrific rest of your Tuesday!

Mrs. L 🙂


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