Animals that Hibernate

Discussing Animals that Hibernate over Hot Chocolate!

The Kindergarten Dino-Hearts spent the afternoon participating in our regular Wednesday schedule of “Hello Chain,” Calendar, Reading & Writing Workshop & Math. We added a learning time about animals that “hibernate” to continue on our theme from yesterday about what animals do in the Winter. So we reviewed that animals: Hibernate, Migrate and Adapt. Today we focused just on “hibernation.” Our plan is to each choose an animal by the end of the week that we want to learn about in a more in-depth way. I am encouraging the children to think about choosing an animal that they have NOT heard of before so they may learn something new. Today during our discussions on hibernating animals, we took a look at some pictures on the computer of some hibernating animals. The best part of our discussion today was the wonderful questions the children  had about each of these animals. I told them that we would find out all the answers very soon! For now, we are writing our questions down and when each child has chosen their animal, we will ask them to present the answers to our class. This will be a very fun learning time for all!

The website we explored today is: “top ten coolest hibernating animals.”

Feel free to explore with your child if you choose. There were Marmot’s, Lemurs, box turtles and more for us to explore. The kids loved it!

During our regular Reading/Writing Workshop Stations today, we added a Word Family station. Children had to read a poem written on the large paper board and find all the -ake words today. The Word Family station will be out as a regular station all week in addition to our other stations.

Lastly, the kids and I decided that hot cocoa was in order on the very cold day. So we headed to the kitchen for snack today and had a wonderful continued conversation about hibernating animals during snack. (picture provided was right in the middle of our lively conversation!)Thank you to Amaan and his family for the yummy Pirate Booty today!

Hope you all have a wonderfully warm rest of your Wednesday!

Great job Kindergarteners!!

Mrs. L 🙂

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