The IPad Reading Station

A look at IPad Station: The small boxes each have a sound. The child writes down the letter or letter combination that makes that sound. Once they have done this with all three small boxes, they should have a word on their paper. They click on the large white  box to see a picture of that word and find out if they were correct. They loved this app!

 The Kindergarten Dino-Hearts did the following in stations today:

Ana & Amaan: Journals

Abhay: Ipad Station (building words)

Arjun & Advay: Make-A-Book Station (They both started books on dinosaurs!)

The children had a lot to say after calendar time about what animal they want to learn about in our class.

Here are the results:

Amaan: Queen Bee

Advay: Bear

Abhay: Marmot

Ana: Hedgehog

Arjun: Owl

Jack, Addie & Pritha will choose when they return on Monday.

We will begin learning about our animals next week and will be sure to take pictures for you!

In math we talked about Measurement. The question of the week on our calendar has been: How big is your classroom?

First we discussed what “tools” one could use to answer this question. Then we decided to use a non-standard form of measurement to determine the length of our classroom. What did they choose to use? Bet you can guess…..themselves! So we found out how many Ana’s, Amaan’s, Arjun’s, Advay’s, Abhay’s long our classroom is and recorded the results. As we went along we made predictions based on our results and the height of each child. So if a child was taller than the one we just measured across the room, would their number be more or less? At first this was difficult for some of our students to see but the more we measured the more obvious the pattern. We will try this fun activity again with other non-standard and standard tools.

Tomorrow is: Let’s Cook Day!

We made a plan together on Tuesday that we wanted to make “Snowman Bagels.” The kids made a list of ingredients for me to bring in so that we can make our bagels tomorrow! So much fun to cook with Kindergarteners!!

Have a warm, warm night!

Mrs. L 🙂


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