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The fabulous Dino-Hearts had a great Journal Monday today! We always start our afternoon with a “Hello Chain” and for Monday the topic is “What’s the News.” Every child has a chance to share some “news” with our class from their own lives. This helps us get our thinking going for our Journal entries later in the day.

We changed jobs today so you can ask your child what their new job is in our classroom this week!

Arjun did a beautiful job leading calendar today and Pritha picked the new pattern on our calendar.

The children were introduced to books by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman today. Like Jan Brett they also use animals in their stories and even some hibernating ones! We will be comparing these books to Jan Brett’s books as we continue to talk about “Authors” and the many different styles and types of authors there are out there in the world. Once again bringing home our point that you can be any type of Author you want to be in our Make-A-Book writing station.

The children also did a “book walk” with me on the book, Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola. I chose to share this book with the children today as we discussed the Virtue of the Month at Meadows Academy: Honesty. The story led us to question the honesty of Anthony and how difficult it must have been for him to admit his mistake but had he not then the whole town would have been swallowed up by the pasta in the pot! As only a Kindergarten class can truly do, the children jumped into this idea of the difficulty of telling the truth but how very important it is and feels to do so. A few friends shared when they had a time that it was hard to tell the truth. We will continue to weave this topic into our stories and have more discussions around Honesty all month.

Your children should have in their back packs a book titled, Winter Animals that they made on their own today. We practiced reading the book together as a class because it is a station in our classroom on the felt board. We will continue to practice reading this book. We discussed the patterns noticed, sight words and how pictures helped us with the tricky words.

This group has a way of being very determined to figure things out together. I witnessed today and almost every day the children helping each other with sounding words out in either reading or writing. There is a general feeling in the room of comfort with receiving help and giving it. I love this about this group because that allows them to be open to both and in both positions the learning moment is powerful.

Happy Snow Day tomorrow everyone! Plenty of time to read those homework  books! 🙂

See you on Wednesday!

Mrs. L 🙂


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