Animal Fun!

It was wonderful to see everyone back today at school! Today we focused on learning about some of our animals that we are researching. After our calendar today we looked on the computer together as a group at the website: nationalgeographickids.com and learned some facts about our animals. This helped us get some fun facts about our animals and learn if they migrate, adapt or hibernate. Then during stations today the kids took turns going through a painting station where they had to paint a picture of their chosen animal. We will be finishing these up tomorrow along with some facts cards that will be hung next to our animals to show what we have learned.

When the kids were not enjoying the painting station today, they were doing some of the other literacy stations in the classroom such as: Word Family dice: making words with different endings rolled on the dice, writing CVC words by looking at pictures of the words, Stenciling our sight words, Velcro Board-Reading the book: Winter Animals with a friend, IPad station (handwriting app today), Read to Self & Write to Self.

After snack today, the children received their first Meadows Academy Homework Bags! They each decorated a name card to go in the front of the bag. The bag will be used for two  purposes:

1. Weekly Reading Books

2. Borrowing an item from the classroom such as a class book or game they enjoyed.

We ask that the bags be returned by Friday but if you return it sooner then we can fill it up again!

We hope the kids enjoy their new bags!

Looking forward to doing some cooking with the kids tomorrow!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

*pictures below!

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