Most and Fewest

We continued to work on independent writing. Students started by learning about the poem, “The Three Little Kittens” during Reading, and then independently wrote their thoughts on their writing journal.

While doing a Theme Study on Winter, students listened to the poem, “Animals In and Out” and pasted pictures of winter or summer and glued them under the appropriate heading.

This week we read and listed to several books including “Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep” by Maureen Wright; “I’m a Little Snowman” by Angela Johnson; “Snow Day” by Betsy Maestro. Students also enjoyed reading the Scholastic Weekly Reader on Push or Pull in the Snow. At snack time, students listened to the read-aloud, “The Eyes of the Gray Wolf” by Jonathan Landon.

In Writing, students worked on their ABC Writing Books, practiced writing the letter h, and made drawings of pictures that begin with h. They also worked on their “Who Lost What” book independently. Students cut out pictures to go with words. For example, “The three little kittens ______.” Each sentence had to be matched with the corresponding picture.

In Science, students had a “snow experiment” and played with snow inside the classroom! Each student got a chance to play with tub filled with snow. They scooped their own snow and discovered what they could do with it at the table. They made snowballs, slush, and some brought their snow in a cup next to the window to see what would happen if the snow was exposed to sunlight.

In Math, students worked on their Saxon Math worksheets and learned about the concepts “most” and “fewest.” They were asked to count the rows that had the most shoes and the fewest shoes. They also learned about the different sides of a triangle, square, and rectangle.

Parent Tip: Ask your child the following questions: “How many sides does a triangle/square/rectangle have?” Step outside with your child and gather some snow in a bowl or cup. Take the snow inside and help your child discover and talk about snow.

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