Cool Runnings

We had our “Winter Story Day” last Friday  and it was a cool blast! Everyone came in their favorite pajamas which must have been a much easier transition at home from waking up to going to school, especially for parents!

We had 3 fun stations. We kicked off the morning’s festivities in the first station with a cup of warm cocoa and donuts, as well as pink-heart-shaped marshmallows (courtesy of Mrs. Hagen), for everyone.

Then, in the second station, it was game time during which all students pretended to play in the snow! To set the stage prior to playing the games, students listened to 2 great read-alouds: “The Wild Toboggan Ride” by Suzan Reid and Eugenie Fernandez, and the “Red Sled” by Lita Judge.

And then the games began. Everyone got to re-enact the wild toboggan ride by getting on a make-believe giant sled fit for the entire class, and then raising their hands in the air, swaying left to right, and making fun sounds as they pretended to slide down the slopes. They also threw white fluffy snowballs at a snowman and bounced snowballs in a parachute. We also pretended to ice skate … using paper plates!

And finally in the third station, the students made a snowman toy that rocks back and forth that they could pull.

The kids loved all of it! Oh what fun!

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