Explode the Code!

The children were pleasantly surprised to see their beautiful crystallized snowflakes when they entered the classroom today! They are so excited to decorate their classroom with the snowflakes this week! Each student had new jobs to do for the week. Amaan was the Calendar Helper today and did a great job figuring out that yesterday was Sunday, today is Monday, and tomorrow is Tuesday. He confidently announced to his classmates that we’re already in February! During the morning chain, students said to each other, “Hello! what’s the news?” Each student had something nice to share a specific story about what they did over the weekend.

In Writing, the children worked on a “Let’s Label” activity by tracing with a marker the name of an animal they chose (e.g. Hedgehog) and writing their name under the title. In one station, students read two books by Summer Jackson: “I Like to Hop” ( __op Family)  and “What Will Sam Eat?” ( __am Family). As they read each story, they sequenced sentences that were cut up and placed a specific sentence in the correct order based on the pages of the books.

In Math, students worked on a Math packet that taught them how to fill in the missing number to complete a “Fact Family.” They also completed addition sentences using the ten frame (e.g. ___ + ___ = 10 ). In another activity, they also counted each ten frame and figured out how many snowballs were in it. They were challenged by the “Snowflake Tally Marks,” counting tally marks and glued the number in the square to show their answer.

In Reading, they spent time “Reading to Self” as they chose level appropriate books in their book boxes. They also worked on their Explode the Code workbooks independently and carefully. The Explode the Code series is a great foundation in building strong readers!

We had yummy donuts and crackers for snack time. It was a great day!

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