Quarters in Quicksand

Searching for quarters in quick sand was the all-time favorite Sensory Development activity for the early preschoolers last week. The quick sand in this case was really white sugar placed inside a pan! The toddlers spent an average of 10-15 minutes exploring the sugar with their hands and fingers looking for quarters, and scooping it with small toys shaped like fish, dolphins, and alligators. And then they also watched a video on the Letter Q and listened to the sound of Q and words that start with Q.

“The Quiet Quail” by Heather Feldman was a funny read-aloud about Quincy Quail who could not stand Dottie Duck’s loud quacking. As students listened to the story, they learned new words that start with the letter Q including quailquiltquackquarter,quarrelquaint, and quirky! After the story, for Language Arts, students created a “Quincy Quail” craft by placing its feet, eyes, and feather on top of its head!

In Reading, students listened to the “Letter Q” book by Jane Belk Moncure and studied flashcards of real-life pictures of things that start with Q: quadrupletsa question markquartzquarterquill, and a quilt.

Students loved the nursery rhymes we read: “Where is Thumbkin?”, “Little Boy Blue”, and “The Alphabet Song”.

In Math, students counted up to 30 during Calendar time. They also reviewed the colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, green, black and white.

Parent Tip: Create your own mini “Quarters in Quicksand” sensory station at home. Place white sugar in a deep pan or bowl, fill it with objects that your child can look for and play with. This will keep your little one happy and busy while moms are cooking, studying, or cleaning.

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