What Begins With P?

Last week, we read the book “The Little Red Hen”, a wonderful character education story from the Virtue of the Month Program. The story taught preschoolers the virtue of hard work, kindness, sincerity, and cooperation. We also learned the nursery rhymes “Winter Time”, Wake Up Groundhog”, and “Diddle, Diddle Dumpling.”

In Reading, students learned the name and sound of the Letter P. They listened to the Letter P Book by Jane Belk Moncure. The story was about a little girl named Little P who said she would fill her box with a poodle, a puppy, a pig, and piglets. As she walked to the park, Little P saw a picnic table and a picnic basket under a peach tree. She then finds a pony cart, a porcupinepopcorn, and a peacock as they go on a parade.

After listening to the story, students made a Letter P Collage in Language Arts. They pasted pictures of peacocks on the Uppercase P and Lowercase P.

In Math, students practiced writing Number 14 and counting up to Number 14. In Orientation in Time and Space, students placed objects in rows and used spatial words.

During Core Knowledge Learning Center time, students described pictures in a sequence, practiced writing strokes, used special words and identified habitats.

Parent Tip: Borrow the book “Little Red Hen” from the local library and read it to your child at night. Talk about the sequence of events. And then ask/discuss with your child: why is it important to be helpful and kind to others?

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