All About Mittens

In Math, we read the story “Missing Mittens” by Stuart Murphy about how every animal in Farmer Bill’s farm is missing one mitten. In the story, students discovered, investigated, and learned about odd and even numbers as the mystery unfolded. After listening to the story, students discussed the concept of odd and even numbers further, and learned how to sort objects that were odd or even.

In Orientation in Time and Space, the pre-kindergartners discovered how to make different shapes on the “geoboards.” They explored the areas of parallelograms, rectangles, and triangles using the geoboard and rubber bands.

In Writing, students listened to the read-aloud “Winter Counting Book”. After the story, they counted objects and wrote the numbers 1-10.

In Poetry, students learned the poem “I’m a Little Snowman” and highlighted the rhyming words: fat/hat and play/away.

In Author Study, students compared two stories“The Old Man’s Mitten” by Yevonne Pollock and “The Mitten” by Jan Brett.

Parent Tip: Borrow “Missing Mittens” by Stuart Murphy from the local library and read it together with your child. Talk about odd and even numbers with your child.

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