Cave Day!

The Dino-Heart Kindergarten class had a “Cave Day!” Thank you to Amaan’s Mom for letting us borrow her fabric to make our cave in the classroom. The children each painted an animal that either hibernates, migrates or adapts in the winter. After we made our cave, they had to decide where their animal would be…inside the cave or outside. Addie made a Monarch butterfly so the children came up with the idea of making a little corner of our classroom, Mexico! They planned out trees to draw and flowers to make next to her butterfly. (Might be a good corner for us all to visit if only in our imaginations it is warm. :)) More on our cave to come…

Due to the Snow Day, each student had to meet a little longer with Mrs. L today to “catch up” on some reading time. Today we used the resource A-Z Reading online and were able to read books and print them for our use in the classroom. Some of the kids brought home printed books to practice today. This reading site gives teachers the ability to assess and place each child where appropriate in the levels of books. It gives children the choice of many books in their own specific level. We will be using this program online along with our sets of reading books in class for kids to use as reading practice.

We had a quick calendar today with Amaan leading the way! Great job Amaan. The children are really understanding the routine now.

For our cooking projects, we are working on finding foods that we all agree is yummy. It has been fun to learn about the different foods kids enjoy and great to hear them learning about each other. It was voted today by the class that tomorrow shall be: Pancake Friday! (from scratch of course for more measuring practice!)

Hope everyone has a warm evening!

Go Dino-Hearts!!

Mrs. L 🙂

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