Valentine Hearts

In Language Arts, students reviewed the Letter Q and did q tip painting while saying the sound of Q. They also learned about the Letter R, made a brown “Rosy the Rabbit” and learned about the sound of R.

We talked about being quiet and spent some time doing quiet reading. In Reading, students listened to “The Quiet Quail” by Heather Feldman and “The Letter R Book” by Moncure. Students sang the nursery rhymes, “Where is Thumbkin?” and “The Wheels on the Bus.” In Math, students made a “Rocket” out of squares and a triangle with sparkly stars.

It was nice to have Daniel’s mom visit and play “Simon Says” with the students. She also read “The Lord is My Shepherd” by Hans Wilhelm and Chick-Fil-A Values Book, “Let’s Share.” Thanks so much, Mrs. Lehman!

In Visual Arts and Fine Motor Development, students worked on their Valentine Hearts. They pasted heart stickers and their wonderful artwork can be seen on the classroom door. They also placed different colored pipe cleaners inside cheese shakers to help them develop their eye-hand coordination, patience, and fine-motor skills.

Parent Tip: Play Simon Says! Help your child follow directions by playing the instructions game at home. See how many details your child can remember. For example: “Touch the door knob, sit on the couch, and get your teddy bear then come back to me.”

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