Station Fun!

The Dino-Hearts had two new stations to work on today. We have a new word ladder to start building simple CVC words and an easel with a chalk board where we used paint brushes and water to practice writing our sight words. We will continue to review our old sight words while building on some new ones as well. The children also had the opportunity to read books from their book boxes as reading practice on their own and with a partner. The “I’m Done” station was also open today filled with both literacy and math stations for children to try on their own and with a partner. Time flies when you are busy and so the children will have tomorrow to finish up or start any stations they did not get a chance to do today.

For Snack today we enjoyed some new crackers from Abhay’s family. Thank you for sending those in for our class!

For Math today we were introduced to Unifix Cubes. The children started by making math equations with the Unifix Cubes that equal 5. We will work our way up as we understand how to show our work. Each child had to make an equation, color the equation on paper and write the number equation to match. The class did a great job on this activity with many steps and we will continue to work on this for our Math Journals.

At the end of the day today we reviewed the Dino-Heart rules posted in the classroom as good classroom review. The children worked on dinosaur and heart pictures to put next to our classroom rules as a decoration. They are always so good at working and creating together!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

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