The Queen of Hearts

Learning Centers were carefully planned last week to help students build on their background knowledge, as well as continue to form the habit of working independently. During morning arrival, for instance, they were allowed to freely choose which activities to do as they eased into their day. Some went to the Math Center to complete a pattern, while others went to the Kitchen Area for Dramatic Play. The Play Dough Center was also another choice. The Writing Center was open so students could choose the color of their heart name tags for attendance.

In Language Arts, students learned about the Letter Q and listened to the Q Book by Jane Belk Moncure. They pasted “question marks” and the word “quack” on their Letter Q Collage. In Reading, they listened to the read-aloud, “The Queen of Hearts.”

In Math, students learned about the Number 14 and  practiced writing 14 as a group and individually with their teacher.

In Nursery Rhymes, students learned “Hey Diddle, Diddle,” “Polar Bears,” and “I’m a Valentine.”

In Science Discovery, students learned that water comes in different forms. They also learned about snowflakes and how each snowflake is unique. Students were asked the question: “How do you think snowflakes are made?” Mrs. Etchison explained that snow, like rain, begins up in the clouds. They form when water vapor changes to ice crystals. When the cloud gets too full, it releases the crystals that fall as snow. Students also learned that snowflakes are always 6 sided figures. No two are the same.

Parent Tip: Play with snow! Bring a handful of snow inside. Use a magnifying glass to discover the beautiful sides of snowflakes!

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