Little Ground Hog’s Shadow

During Independent Writing last week, students wrote independently about what they did over the weekend in their writing books. When they were done, each one had the opportunity to show and discuss what they wrote with their teacher.

In Letter Formation/Writing, students practiced writing the Letter B. They worked on the Letter B Book and made beautiful pictures on their B Book.

In Theme Study, students listened to the read aloud, “Little Ground Hog’s Shadow” by Janet Craig. After listening to the story, they made a “ground hog” puppet with a popsicle stick and created a home for it using a styrofoam cup from which the puppet could pop out! They also read their Scholastic weekly reader, “Home Sweet Home,” which talks about how a home can be a shell, be underground, a nest, up in a tree, or in the water.

In Reading, students listened to several read-aloud books including “Bear Shadow” by Frank Asch, “The Three Little Pigs” by Gavin Bishop, and “Knuffle Bunny” by Mo Willems.

In Math, students learned how to count up to 10 using 10 dimes. They worked on their Saxon Math worksheets to learn about counting up to 10 using money.

The Virtue of the Month for February is Wisdom and Wonder. To help students grow in this virtue, the class practiced writing birthday cards to Grace, Armaan, and Mrs. Coltharp this past week. This meaningful activity allowed students not only to practice and develop their writing skills while adding details to drawings, but also taught students on expressing their thought while showing kindness and love to others. They also listened to the read-aloud, “How to Be a Friend” by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown.

Students learned about solving problems too. Mrs. Kuchler used an example of a student who had a problem one morning when their car would not start. The student called her grandpa to come and drive her to school. The class had a lively class discussion on problem solving and understood the importance of making good decisions with strength of character.

Parent Tip: Solve a problem together with your child!  When there’s a real life problem at home, point out the problem aloud and discuss what’s the best way to solve it. Use these teachable moments to help your child grow in character.

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