Love is in the Air!

The Dino-Hearts had a fun Valentine filled Station day! After calendar today they went quick to work in stations so that everyone could have a chance to do all the stations. There was some excitement in the air for the painting station! The stations today were: Press Art: we talked about hearts being “symmetrical” the other day for math so today we painted one side of a heart and pressed the sides together to watch how the art lined up on the other half. They made beautiful Valentine’s! Also today we had a Valentine paper with hearts with numbers on them. The children had to roll dice and color in the number or they made have had the step #2 paper that had the sum of two rolls. A completed paper would have all the hearts colored in on the paper. We had another station with Valentine Owls that made a pattern. The children had to cut out additional owls to complete the correct pattern. The last center out today was a Valentine card making center that had some Valentine cutting practice for the children to add to their cards if they wished.

An important part of our stations is working next to a partner, completing the entire project, cleaning up the station before leaving and working in a timely manner so the work gets done. At the end of the station rotations, the children worked together as a class clean up the classroom and found that it worked much faster when we all helped out. After all this hard work the Dino-Hearts enjoyed snack and some well needed recess time!

The Dino-Hearts also had the chance to cool down after recess for a small amount of time and listen to Mary Pope-Osborne’s book on CD, The Magic Tree House. This gave them a chance to listen to a very good author tell her magical story in her own voice. The Dino-Hearts finished up their day with some free choice time.

Love is certainly in the air in the Dino-Hearts room! Everyone is looking forward to Friday!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

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