Valentine’s Fun!

The Dino-Hearts enjoyed a fun afternoon of cooking Valentine’s style! After calendar and handing out Valentine’s to each other, we were off to the kitchen! We started by heating up some chocolate and each child dipped 3-4 strawberries in the chocolate. We followed up that activity with using the remaining chocolate to dip some pretzels! Yum! Baggies for both were left on the table and we hope everyone was able to take some chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels home with them from the refrigerator. Certainly I doubt the kids would forget!

After that cooking adventure, the Dino-Hearts then made heart cut-out cookies. We write and drew in our journals while waiting for the cookies to bake. After we each had some fun frosting to design our cookies with and then….yum!

It is always a fun friday cooking with the Dino-Hearts! They are such a sweet group! We are looking at some healthier options for next friday. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Mrs. L 🙂

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