The Wisdom & Wonder of Circles

The Dino-Hearts started their day, as always, with some reading practice from their book boxes. The books in the boxes are chosen with my assistance so that they are at each child’s reading level. It was a joy today to see and hear them reading these books to each other and with such enthusiasm! As they become more comfortable with the routine of Read to Self and Read to Someone each day, we are noticing the books in their boxes becoming easier for them to read. They read in their book boxes for practice every day for 15 minutes before we start our day. Way to go Dino-Hearts! We will continue to change and add books to their book boxes for extra practice.

Today we took a break from our stations to focus our attention on our Math topic of the day: Circles and to discuss the Virtues of the Month: Wisdom & Wonder. We had a little help from a famous artist to help with both topics!

Today the children looked at the work of artist, Wassily (Vasily) Kandinsky and his painting “Squares with Concentric Circles.”


Some of the questions we explored when we looked at his work are:

What do you feel?

What shapes do you see?

What colors do you see?

Are the circles all the exact same?

What would you do differently?

The children answered these questions with the same happiness, enthusiasm and joy that they expressed the painting brought to them. So we discussed how this painting had anything to do with our virtue of the month at Meadows: Wisdom & Wonder?Some of the thoughts were such as: “Colors make you feel good.” “It’s happy!” “It’s not perfect.” A lot of “Wisdom & Wonder” there!

It is always a joy to hear what children say about works of art. So then we tried making our own ‘Kandinsky-like” circle masterpieces. Math this week happens to be focusing on…..shapes! So it helped to talk about the circle today. We used paper rather than paint to make our works of art today. We found lots of circles in the room of all sizes. We traced and cut an array of colors for our project. We figured out how many squares 3 rows of 4 would make and then we went to work! Check out our room soon for our Artist of the Month display on: Kandinsky!

Our story planned for today but we will read tomorrow since we ran out of time is: Guji Guji By: Chih-Yuan Chen

guji guji

This adorable story will help us discuss the “wisdom” in doing what your heart tells you is the right choice not what others tell you. We will do some writing on this book this week. 

We will change book bags tomorrow!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂




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