Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday with the Dino-Hearts!

It is amazing what kids will say when you ask them a question like, “What is wisdom?”  At first there was a kind of blank stare and then we talked about “good advice” or “helpful information” and the flood gates opened! So maybe “wisdom” is not exactly remembering to roll the glue stick down before you put the cap on but in the Kindergarten world, there is some wisdom there for sure. We did talk more about “wisdom” being a little more important than glue and we listened to the story, Guji Guji By: Chih-Yuan Chen to help us along. The wisdom in this story was: “Thinking on your own and making the choice you believe is right not what others tell you to do.” Without giving the story away so that you can enjoy talking to your child or reading the story together, here are some questions you can ask to get the conversation rolling:  “What did the crocodiles ask Guji Guji to do?”   “Did he make the right choice?” “Was he happy in the end?” The kids had lots of wisdom to share on this topic today. 🙂

We were busy in stations today for the first half of class. The kids will finish rotating through the stations the rest of the week. Some children are also finishing up on some projects. We finished up our day with a reflection sheet on our story. Every child did a great job today sharing their thoughts on the story and doing the work!

Way to go Dino-Hearts!

Have a wonderful evening!

Mrs. L. 🙂

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