Kandinsky Snack

As we have been thinking about our February artist, Kandinsky, this week and his circles, it seemed the perfect opportunity to have a healthy circle-like snack! First the children had to start with triangles of water melon and figure out how many would make a circle on their plate. Once this large circle was in place, they began to layer lots of other fruits on top in the colorful way they made their Kandinsky-like art this week. It was a fun and delicious way to end the week! They were rainbow Masterpieces!

The children wrote in their journals today after snack about what fruits they enjoyed. For those students entering first grade next year, 3 sentences is the minimum required in journals along with a “detailed” picture. We are also discussing the mechanics of writing more and we will continue to do so over the course of the year. Children are meeting with me individually to discuss ways they can improve their writing and we are celebrating what they are doing that is GREAT! We always want to keep it fun for the kids while also taking a look at helping them improve certain aspects of their writing so they are prepared for first grade!

A note on writing: Writing is an important part of our learning in Kindergarten and can be practiced at home in a variety of fun ways. Think about these activities to try at home:

1. write a note to a friend or relative

2. have your kindergartener write a grocery list for you

3. label a room

4. word search in the house

5. write a note to them and they can write back!

6. Make a book together-you do one page and they do the other

(A simple stack of sticky notes or pad of paper  with pencils are great supplies to have at home to do many of these activities.)

These are some fun ways to encourage writing at home. Writing is very empowering to this age and it is a great way to practice skills that connect right to their reading skills. The Kindergarten kids should sound out the words they are trying to spell and write down the letters for the sounds they hear. They should be using their “Kindergarten spelling.” They will impress you by how much they can sound out all on their own.  Asking them to read what they wrote is a great way to make them feel good! The activities above should be something they want to do and fun, fun, fun for you both!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Way to go Dino-Hearts!

Mrs. L 🙂

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