A Dino-Heart Welcome!

The Dino-Hearts started their day by signing in on our new “sign-in” board at the door. Then we had a writing assessment. If parents you would like to see this assessment, please let me know. We will continue to work on writing in class daily as a class but also this is helpful to understand individual strengths and needs in writing. When they were finished with their writing, the Dino-Hearts had the fun job today of re-writing our Kindergarten rules. We went over the rules and decided together that they all sounded good still. Every child choose a rule they like and re-wrote the rules in their best handwriting on a dinosaur or heart outline. Then they had a chance to paint their dinosaur or heart with some watercolor paints and cut it out to decorate our front door. The kids were very pleased with their finished door art and it was a great way to keep our Dino-Heart rules up in our classroom!

We moved to a free station time after our door art was finished. In “free station” time the children must choose from the stations that have been out but can choose any station they want to work at during that time. Sometimes stations are assigned depending on the skills that each individual child is needing to work on that week. This week we will review all the stations out and introduce some new ones next week. This “free station” time is still a “work time” and they must do the job at the station plus clean up when they are finished. Staying organized in stations is very important for the next friend who goes there. During stations I was able to meet with those that brought back their book bags and switch books. I noticed a lot less hesitating today when I asked, “Do you have your book bag today?” Thanks parents for really partnering on this skill!!

Have a great Dino-Heart night!

Mrs. L 🙂


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