Monsters in My Mailbox

Students learned about President’s Day last week as they listened to the read-aloud “President’s Day” by Anne Rockwell.

In Reading, they learned about the Letter K and listened to the “The K Book.”

In Math, students matched number words from one to ten to their numerical equivalent from 1 to 10. We also talked about the weight of different items and bears, as well as worked on mastering addition.

In line with our theme of “In the Country, In the City”, students listened to the read-aloud “To Town” by Joy Cowley, “Silly Sally” by Audrey Wood, and books about “going to town.”

Students then decorated their own stamps based on the question, “What would you take to town?” Be sure to take some time to admire your child’s stamp design posted on their classroom door. They also enjoyed the story, “Monsters in My Mailbox” by Ellen Jackson.

In Science Discovery, students did a “Penny Experiment” that was tied to the President’s Day lesson which involved soaking pennies in vinegar and salt. They observed and learned what happened to the pennies before and after they were rinsed with the vinegar solution.

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